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Our Journey

To Customer Satisfaction

Becoming one of the most reputable Lake Country home remodelers didn’t happen overnight. The journey began in 1989 in Southwest Florida.

After graduating from Concordia University in December of 1989, Gerrit Gronowski moved to Florida to begin a career in law enforcement. To make ends meet while he pursued employment in this field, he worked for a custom home building company. The home building process got in his blood and became a passion for Gerrit. He decided to shift gears and committed to a career in construction.

After two years in Florida, Gerrit moved back to his home state of Wisconsin and took a job with a leading remodeling company. After several years in the field he had attained master carpenter and foreman status. Gerrit then took a position as project manager for a design/build company where he honed his management skills.

Now it was time to take the next big leap of faith and open his own construction firm. In 2005, Gerrit started G3 Builders and has cultivated an excellent reputation as a high-quality, honest, reliable remodeling and construction firm.

G3 Builders has weathered the difficult economic times we’ve seen over the past few years because Gerrit is true to his word and works with each homeowner to deliver above and beyond their expectations. Call G3 today and discover how enjoyable the remodeling or home building experience can be!

Meet Gerrit Gronowski, Owner

Gerrit’s wealth of field experience gives you peace of mind when he is managing your project. G3 team members deliver high quality results in a timely manner. G3 trade partners offer their best pricing in appreciation for a stellar credit record!

Gerrit is also a licensed real estate agent and a member of Milwaukee NARI.

As a local, family owned business, G3 Builders understands how important your home is to you and will strive to make you completely happy with the end result!

8 Steps To Ensure That Your Expectations Are Met

Our Process

When you contact G3 Builders, a no obligation meeting will be scheduled with you at the project site. Your needs, ideas and scope of work will be discussed in detail. We will answer your questions and ask some of our own. Additional meetings will be scheduled to ensure the complete development of your project down to the smallest of details.

Once your project details have been established the design stage begins. This is where you can see your project come to life. Depending on the scope of your project the design may be a free service. If necessary, we may refer you to an architect to draw up your plans to ensure structural integrity. If you have your own plan, we are happy to take it to the next step.

The completed design is then put out to bid. Our years in this industry have allowed us to develop close relationships with skilled craftsmen and dedicated suppliers. During the bidding process we will bring our trade partners to your project site for a site visit to obtain critical details. The site inspection is typically no more than one hour and will be scheduled at your convenience. This step is often skipped by other construction firms and costly mistakes can be the result. It’s one of the many things that sets G3 apart from other firms.

After bidding is complete, your budgets and allowances will be thoroughly reviewed and compiled on a spreadsheet which will be the construction budget. A budget meeting will be scheduled to review the details and make adjustments prior to the next step.

Once the budget is approved a contract is signed by all parties. After that occurs, permits are applied for as applicable.


G3 Builders will provide you with a selection schedule and a construction schedule. The selection schedule provides you with the selections that need to be made in their chronological order in order to maintain the construction schedule. Construction schedules are updated on a weekly basis or as needed.

Once the project is substantially completed your one year warranty begins. G3 will then ask the owner to create a punch list. This is a written list of items that the owner wants addressed before accepting the final product. The list typically includes small aesthetic things. G3 prides themselves on short punch lists and timely completion of them.

A down payment is required on all projects to cover upfront costs such as surveys, permits, etc. Invoicing is done on a monthly basis and includes only labor and material delivered during that time. Final payment will be due upon substantial completion of the project. Payments can be made by cash or check. No credit cards please. If you are working with a bank or other financial institution, G3 Builders will work directly with them at no additional cost to you.